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A Global


based on The Sharing Economy

A Global


Based on The Sharing Economy

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WE is about creating a means by which All people can become independent of the present system via creating a new economic system, based on The Sharing Economy.

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Our Services

Sustainable 123

What is Sustainable 123?
A Sustainable Economic System including all products, services, projects, – everything we require!

If you have a Product or a Service you would like to share with the world, make it part of The WE Project!
Or if you like an already existing Product or Service on The WE site and you want to help out as a Distributor in your Country, please Contact Us.

If you are listing a new sustainable product or service, please go to Sustainable Products and outline the product or service’s details, including its Stage 1,2 or 3 of Sustainability...

Green Treasuries

To create, initially, Regional Sustainable Economic Development Hubs, based on Biogas Waste to Energy systems, then other Sustainable techs including Off Grid Energy Generation.

Please read the following document to get more understanding of this:

Green Treasuries Pictograph
Green Treasuries Generic

Green Energy Techs

Includes Waste to Energy, Rapid Charge Battery Chargers, Silicon Gel and Hemp Batteries, Hydrogen Systems and more.

Follow the below document for better understanding.

Green Energy Generic Document and review this link to check the related products.


Here’s where people of The WE Project can interact with each other, working together like a family and getting stuff done in a way that everyone wins! Much of what you are about to read is intended to be done via partnering of all the required people and parts of any project. This facilitates the interconnection between its participants, enabling projects to be initiated, supported, replicated and improved. If you have a Project you would like to share with the world, make it part of The WE Project! Or if you like an already existing Project and you want to help out as in your Country, Contact Us for further details...

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