What is Sustainable 123?
A Sustainable Economic System including all products, services, projects, – everything we require!

If you have a Product or a Service you would like to share with the world, make it part of The WE Project!
Or if you like an already existing Product or Service on The WE site and you want to help out as a Distributor in your Country, please Contact Us.

If you are listing a new sustainable product or service, please go to Sustainable Products and outline the product or service’s details, including its Stage 1,2 or 3 of Sustainability.

- A Sustainable Economic System includes all products, services, projects, - everything we require!

- A ‘not for profit’ org, meaning, lower accreditation costs for those wishing to go Sustainable, but struggling with the costs and the long lead time prior to certification.

- A highly visible credit at retail level, for those who ‘are committed to sustainability. In most cases, this will result in a premium price for Sustainable 321 branded products, thus making the journey to Sustainability certification, more User Friendly, Affordable and do-Able!

- Much more than ‘chemical free’, rather Sustainable321 is about sustainability in every possible way, including ideologically, financially, societally, also Sustainable321 is a global connector, creating links to many others globally, who are on the path to sustainability.

Sustainable321 is a family, connecting people everywhere, to each other and to a world of innovative truly sustainable products, concepts, projects and more!

- A means of rewarding, thus motivating more people globally, to go green!

How Sustainable 123 Works
There are 3 stages of Sustainable 321 accreditation; #1 is Committing to becoming Sustainable and taking the first steps, such as ceasing chemical application, #2 is demonstrating significant progress #3 is Chemical free-Sustainable Certification.

There are guidelines, products, Methodologies and mentors for those who are seeking the ‘How’ to get started.

Sustainable123 is also about all products, services, projects other than food, - that choose to join the movement and be a part of adopting the new positive protocols into their activities.
Hence, such organizations will be both rewarded and recognized by their branding with the Sustainable123 mark, which will be the means of recognition of trust-worthiness, integrity, efficacy.
A similar staged process of accreditation is applied to these products, services and projects and the positive changes made are outlined on the packaging enabling would be customers to choose to support the organization.

In this way, positive change on every level is both promoted and acknowledged in every field of human activity!

Self Regulating and Peer Review, are the best methods of running new organizations, for the reason that there is no better regulatory mechanism than our own, and if there is an error of self assessment, Peer Review will quickly make that known, publicly.

‘Sustainable 1,2,3’ is a collective of Products and Systems committed to practically creating a Sustainable way to go forward in the ways we live, - effectively creating a Second Parallel Sustainable Economic System.

Essentially The Deal is, that the brand brings credibility hence customers to those whose products bear its name and symbol.
In return, the companies comply with The Ethical Charter of The Law of One, - including making a contribution to a Collective Fund that is used to address Global Priorities such as Starvation, Poverty, Environmental Repair, Geopolitical Cooperation and other causes that assist in ensuring that Humanity is both able to continue here as well as expand its involvement to become part of The Galactic Community, - by virtue of demonstrating our ability to behave Responsibly and Sustainably.

Dramatic Economic Implications
As products are brought into ‘Sustainable 1,2,3’ , - virtually instantly, The New Economic System takes a dramatic lurch forward; For example, a product that has little International Sales, is very quickly introduced into overseas markets creating immediate export sales for The originating company, for the adopting country and, - by extension, - for all the subsequent adopters.
As can quickly be grasped by looking at the totals on the charts, there is Vastly more than we all need to have plenty!